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Sunrose is a 21st century movement for artists, art lovers, and collectors. We deliver personal experiences of ongoing refreshment, soulful exploration, and art entertainment to make your life even more impressively inspiring. We are here to surprise and amaze you. Let the beauty flow.

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Starlight Concerto

The Overcurrent (Gold Record, 30X40")

Sky Lilies (48X72" triptych)

Fountains of Light (48x72")

The Emissary (48x48")

Feathers of Paradise

Wellspring (Bonsai Stone)

The Archangel

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 ‘Our Invitation’ – I am here to be the beauty I want to see in our world. The path of art completely transformed my life, moving me beyond expressing my own power, peace and play, to serving the enlightenment of others. My statement this season, fusing classical and contemporary techniques, invites us to honor our world and ourselves through divine eyes.

Ours is an invitation to reflect on your life, and artists as instruments for inspiring and expressing your own evolving vision. Our new service-based platform offers a more beneficial way for talented emerging, and established artists to share their gifts and engage their artwork in the service of culture. Whether we can make one special moment more beautiful or guide a year-long journey through your soul, we are here to make you feel divine. This is the New Renaissance.

We leave-it-all-behind to follow our dreams, only to come full-circle, offering all our gifts. I hope this comes as a breath of fresh air today. Please enjoy our first taste, and consider becoming a Member, visiting our gift shop, or calling on our other services. Thank you for visiting and appreciating our artistry. We look forward to serving you.

All the best, cheers Michael Irish, MS | Founder & Principle Artist

See Michael’s full seasonal portfolio with artistic statements here.

The Atelier Membership

Your tailored Art Gallery experience.

  1. We respond to your life – your tastes, art interests, and show space of choice.
  2. We curate original artworks for you, from our current and ongoing collection.
  3. We rotate art in-and-out monthly. You enjoy up to 12 new shows a year.
  4. We keep your show space refreshed, and deepen your artistic horizons.


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Ours is an act of appreciation. We break out the white gloves, and share a moment of reflection on the art of life. We also bring you a signed, keepsake art-card from the Artist at the close of each show.

The Renaissance Membership

Your turn to be the Art Director.

  1. We cast a vision together – a portfolio of six ‘custom artistic performances’ per year.
  2. Your themes, tones, motifs become a never-before-seen show, every other month.
  3. Influence the art and Artist. Surprise yourself. Welcome to the New Renaissance.


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Our world is your stage. Complete with candid in-the-studio vignettes, we share our Artist’s dedication and reveal the creative process behind your showpieces.  Each work is offered with an exclusive purchase option.

The Sunrose Commission

Your Inspiration. Brought to Life.

  1. A personal commission is the perfect way to express your soul though art.
  2. Classical portraits to contemporary visions, we make your beauty a reality.
  3. We devotedly create in the style and medium that best suits your masterpiece.
  4. Pro service from design to delivery. Inspiration worth a thousand words.


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The Sunrose Art Club is a Movement, forging a more direct, interactive connection with fine-art lovers.

The Luminary Membership

The Gift of Art. Ready to Inspire.

  1. The perfect gift for an art lover and a direct way to support a culture of arts.
  2. We deliver a beautiful, personally suited fine-art canvas every-other-month.
  3. Our Member interests influence the ongoing art-making process each season.
  4. Our exclusive gallery giclées are ready to hang and enjoy for years to come.


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Sunrose Gift Shop

Artwork & Gifts Go Hand-in-Hand.

  • Enjoy our selection of fine-art gifts, an easy way to have beauty on hand.
  • Your useful and gorgeous keepsake item will shine out wherever you take it.
  • Any original artwork not in the gift shop is available for print upon request.

Gifts & Prints

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The Sunrose Art Club is made to serve art and artists, by offering art lovers an ever-expanding menu of brilliance.


Our platform is a whole new form of art – to inspire both client and community in the most beautiful and professional way imaginable.

Artful Events

From stagings to celebrations, we make it more beautiful.

Bring Art. Create Culture.

Beauty goes hand-in-hand with the best moments.

  1. Professional and commercial gallery staging.
  2. Fine-Home staging and live-art open houses.
  3. Live-Art performances for all special events.

Packages start at $500. 

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Company of Arts

We host corporate art workshops, murals & more.

Genius is as Genius does.

We artfully incorporate your vision, values & goals.

  1. Uniquely inspiring organizational speeches.
  2. Live-painting performances and murals.
  3. Hands-on participatory art immersions.

Packages start at $500. 

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Sunrose Academies

Personal instruction to Private-Group entertainment.

Brilliance is Highly Enjoyable.

Everyone is born an Artist. Activate the gift you are.

  1. Salon parties with guided personal art-making.
  2. Classical one-on-one studies in fine-art methods.
  3. Artful embodiment and enlightenment coaching.

Packages start at $500.  

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Visionary Consulting

The most valuable company in the world is yours.

It's About Breadth-of-Depth.

A wealth of corporate, litigation & non-profit wisdom.

  1. Value-based capital and capacity governance.
  2. Project and program design accountability.
  3. Real-time intelligence and transparency.

Engagements start at $1,500.  

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We bring our gifts actively to humanitarian needs in Orange County and Los Angeles.

  1. Stages to Streets | Nourishment & engagement for homeless & transitional populations.
  2. Curing the Land | Artful ceremony amidst nature-based therapy & natural conservancy.
  3. Next Generation | Education & mentoring in art & artful living, for disadvantaged youth.

Our vision runs deep.  If you know of a current civic opportunity, please reach out.


We honor our expanding crew of amazing Fine Artists, and the movement which draws us together – a revitalization of traditional and contemporary painting in modern visions and masterful spaces. We honor our Members and Clients.

Appreciate the taste.  Share the journey.

Anna Stanger

‘My method allows me to approach the canvas as a true and deep mirror. The whole artistic process really begins while making the oil paint and egg tempera. These are the visionary roots, that gather, capture, ground and transform the complexity of our human condition. All of the human energies and emotions are in them. In this way, the canvas becomes the place to solidify a new balance, between the physical and spiritual realities of life.’

One in Hand

Eternal Landscape

Coral Petals

Blooming Light

Immortal Garden

Enter the Image


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Stefan Allen

‘Freedom to see and create is a privilege. It is also a responsibility, to once again let the Great Masters influence us day-to-day. Then we can uplift our culture with us into the euphoric realm of vision. Here the symbols, totems, characters and cosmic backdrops that may come through our dreaming and the medium of the paint can inform us deeply. Artistry is that active and passive way, of unveiling a world already within our infinite frame.’

Becoming (detail)

Tortuga Fortuna

Vision Engine (detail)

Dragon Jewels (detail)

Through the Glass (detail)


Sassman (detail)

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Aurora Katoria

I can see the light and it is a celebration. Our nature is both mud and color. Sensual, these flow together with us divinely. Goddesses define their Gods with the ecstatic power of a glance. Ours is the look to be withheld, and filled with sacred knowing. Our soul can truly be buried and it is transcendent, so we reveal it in healing and helping. Mine is an explosively healing light, rippling to where you are. We have no need to fear, for sharing our soul is liberation.’








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Phil Joannides

‘The universe compels us with awe for a reason. Nature, ideas, these are the imprimatura, the imprinting from which a whole vision springs forth. We see harmony and understanding flowing together as we participate. The mission is to tap into and bring the all-pervasive sense of unity into our lives. This sense of an effortless, gorgeous abundance, it is the art of is self-dedication. We discover again as we go how it is all us in-the-making.’






Exhale (detail)


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We honor the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, where many of us have shared a global home together, to receive the grace and calling of the Great Masters, to bring depth-of-vision back to the forefront.  We honor our Homes and Communities.

Sylvie Langsdorf – Willoughby

‘Imagination is drawing us in a direction: deeper into the infinite expansion of our being. Everything flows into the fantastic. Even the so called ‘confines our ego’ is this knotted, twisted, patterned fabric of the universe. Peace, love, acceptance, these are all made of the threads of separation. An observant attitude, obsessive even, toward the timeless meditative state is absolutely called for. The flowspace exists in sync with our reality, only as we look to it.’

Wherewolf (detail)

Heaven on Earth

Metamorphosis (detail)



Earth Sleeper (detail)

Angels (detail)

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Jaison Hollis

‘Painting, we conjure forth from the truly invisible. Is it not the same in all we do? Geometry and design, light and mind, feeling and meaning all come directly from the unseen. The canvas is a portal, an altar, a loom, a fiery seat of hierophany which must be danced into. We leave behind grooves of harmony. Hieroglyph means holy carving. Our language, technology and culture are a garment we carve about us, and then saunter into. In the future our garment is a playful world.’


Weaving of Day

Dragon's Blood


Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh


Water Lily

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Savannah Rain

‘The thing we all know is our human image moves in this ever changing landscape. The further we go, the more we realize how to stop and look again with keener eyes. Mastering Henna taught me a way of beautiful impermanence. Photography and printing reiterates this sense, of ever-passing timelessness. When we paint we travel far, as we draw these gestures toward the profound within and without, we create a new landscape for our keener eyes to enjoy and we bring it back.’


Nature Seal I

No Far Corners

Descent of Spirit

Nature Seal II

Nature Seal III

I am the Crossing

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Gage Kelsey

‘Each and every vision generates more inspiration. The key is tuning into and letting go of our ideas of control, while we hone our intuitive power. Surrendering into the stream of consciousness takes us out into a seemingly perilous ocean of details. It is our harmonic process which brings that chaos into order, surfacing the raw material of being and subsuming it with artful discipline and faithfulness to the ideals of beauty. It is going on all around the world and within us ceaselessly, the magic of creativity.’



Chief Jeronimo

Ingrained (detail)

Seeker's Power (detail)

Techne (detail)

Multidimensional (installation)

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We honor the late Prof. Ernst Fuchs, his Apprentices Laurence Caruana, Amanda Sage, Daniel Mirante, and all the Great Teachers who have revived and shared the sacred legacy of artful knowledge. We honor our Ancestors and Prodigies.

Monique Boileau

‘There is just no room to be introverted anymore. Paradoxes do abound, and we must learn to inhabit the power of them. Stewardship only comes after struggling, and it only comes in the light of seeing our whole life and world as beautiful. Precious is our time alone, our time to listen and see beyond. This is what draws me out of myself and into the work, and eventually, back toward the party, and the dancing. It really is a party, because we find ourselves rallying our very best, and sharing it all together.’

Deep on Deep

Guardian (detail)

Always Daydream


Cosmic Swim (detail)

Flight into Wisdom


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Jack Cavanaugh

‘We all have real strength and grace within us now. We all have nobility and corruption. We can shoulder all of these without a burden. We all distill memory and prophecy, illumination and shadow, vanity and humility, into our passageways of style. Emotional color, intense brushwork and formal abstraction provide a ground for portraits and vistas in a visual language and voice that sings beyond my own myth. Carpentry taught me the way. These are all open-ended carvings, tempting the heart-to-heart.’

Future Sky (detail)

Primordial Rites

In Eyes Beholden

In Broad Daylight

Great Uncles (detail)

Make your Mythos

L.A. Flowstate

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Alastair Blain

‘Wearing the kilt is not a fashion, for it means taking the Highlands wherever I go. The story of tradition is in weaving and wearing, like it is in the runes, the standing stones and the instruments we play and the altars we set before ourselves. There is an intersection of all times in what we do, and paintings are dense mystical landscapes within it all. They bring us to either a fable or a fabric of space, and often both, so that we continue to travel wide-eyed.’

Ancient of Days


Creation Story (detail)

En Plein Air

Time Traveler (detail)

In the Gaelic Tongue

Altar Maker (installation)

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Beauty is a necessary luxury.  Thank you for enjoying.

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