Legacy of Arts

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The Sunrose Salon

We inspire and refine the scene with your sophisticated guests.

  • The Artist joins to guide a fun and personal art-making journey.
  • We deepen your creative poise while experiencing real magic.
  • Everyone makes a unique and beautiful artwork on canvas.
  • Up to 10 guests – $500

Private Art Lessons

Seriously fun art instruction for the seriously fun art student.

  • 3 sessions – receive the essentials of Renaissance painting – $500
  • 10 sessions – we cover painting, drawing, and perspective, as well as formal composition – $1,500
  • More than 10 sessions includes guided personal artistic direction.

Artful Enlightenment

Coaching one whole life, from the spirit out and the ground up.

  • Master principles of a ‘creatively proactive’ nuero-physiology.
  • Integrate several arts to realize gorgeous expression-in-action.
  • Establish your own enlightened embodiment, freely full of joy.
  • 10 session program – $5,000

Thank you for your inquiry. We look forward to serving you.

The Sunrose SalonPrivate LessonsArtful Enlightenment

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