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Draw inspiration from insight spanning corporate strategy to medical practice.
Proof that the most valuable move we can make is our most beautiful one.

‘Everyone is born an artist. The only challenge, is to remain one.’   –  Pablo Picasso

The Art of Champions

Making art refines our clarity, curiosity, creativity, and caring.

  • Through a guided art-making process, we explore the principles of realistic composition, while refining our team composure with successful communication.
  • Participatory workshop for teams of up to 20 people – $500

The Art of Value

Inspiring presentations designed to draw out your team’s excellence.

  • Integrating Analytics with Aesthetics, we experience how the Artistic Mind optimizes our organizational development, to realize Total Value Creation.
  • Formal presentation with original fine art and Q&A – $500

Enlightened Culture

Refresh your vision with a custom centerpiece of inspiring artwork.

  • Art is the image of our culture. Weave together and activate your mission, values and goals with an amazing contemporary mural or other artistic installation.
  • Starting at $2,000. Include team participation – $500

Never confuse who you are, with what you do. You create value, and you are invaluable.

  • Embrace Social Media campaigning to promote your cause in compelling ways, with a refreshing and fine-art content series  – $1,500.
  • Optional facilitation of 3 top-tier team development exercises from Focus Leadership, Holocracy One, and Presencing Institute – $500
  • For in-depth organizational transformation engagement and Michael’s corporate background, please visit our Visionary Consulting page.

Take a leap and elevate your company. Transform from employing workers into empowering makers.

Thank you for your inquiry. We look forward to serving you.


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