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We are all exposed to positive and negative forces. We all create positive and negative value. We all live in fields of habit, profession, industry, market, civilization, ecology. Understanding this is the beginning of mature, valuable organization.

‘We can only lead people with a vision of their own values.’  –  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Principle of Value

We must open conversation by reflecting deeply on our effects.

  • Michael will engage with your group of choice, bearing the two decades he worked in corporate strategy, litigation consulting, and non-profit organization.
  • We will draw together and apply practical insights from his first consulting case, the Enron Insolvency, to the first-of-kind transparency program he created for a multi-billion dollar fully integrated healthcare system.

Value Creation 101

Truly understanding value transforms us and our whole lives, completely.

  • Michael demonstrates an evidence-based model of Value Creation, through white-board graphics and group interaction.
  • We will see how the medical field reveals the ‘hard-edges’ of human value, and agree on the first ‘trustworthy’ human system.
  • Defining a transformative view, we integrate our Analytic and Aesthetic brains, to access and empower the Artistic Mind.

Visionary Organization

We commit to organization because we see the power of human spirit.

  • With a fresh eye for deep value, we examine capital and capacity governance processes, strategic programs and incentives, project and portfolio design, quality and community improvement, big data use, and transparency.
  • We will adapt to clearly stated values, comprehensive designs, and concise goals, that result in the best intelligence and most profitable action for everyone.

Customized, on-demand, virtual, and remarkable are the key operating terms for all future organizations.

  • Consultative work is a devotion to creating personal and organizational success, not just clever methods.
    • Based on your current needs, we will craft scenario maps, executive recommendations and work-plans.
    • Executive retreat full-day engagement with development exercises and practical workshop – $1,500.
    • In-depth organizational transformations, including 3 days on-site and 2 days off-site begin at $5,000.
  • We also facilitate top-tier development exercises from Focus Leadership, Holocracy One, and Presencing Institute.
  • Show appreciation and inspire participation in your culture in fun ways, please visit our Company of Arts page.

Even employing the best tools, techniques, and talents is not the same as simply improving our intelligence.

Michael was recently engaged by Dr. Tia Jamir of Maine Medical, to design the presentation of a complex, audience-sensitive cultural care topic, ‘The Politics of Purity’, to Executive Leadership in support of advancing patient and family centered care.

Making an earnest and organized attempt to deliver real, lasting value to all of our stakeholders, we can actually face and embrace our shared maturity.

  • Michael was a National Merit Scholar, President’s Endowed Scholar, and Strength Coach. He holds a BA in Economics, Finance, Literature and Art and MS in Financial Accounting.
  • He worked for nearly a decade with Charles River Associates, a Boston based global corporate strategy and economic litigation consulting firm, across a wide range of industries and scenarios.
  • He also served for nearly a decade with Baylor Scott & White Health, leading a series of transformative, C-Suite programs.
  • Following corporate and artistic careers in Dallas, he moved with family to study at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Arts.
  • Michael and his family were drawn to SoCal and to create this platform. His professional CV is available upon request.

Thank you for your inquiry. We look forward to serving you.

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