The Renaissance Membership

$950.00 / month

‘Artists will always be our key instruments, for renewing our vision of the world’ – Michael Irish

  • We begin with a personal consultation over the phone or in person, at your convenience.
  • Your themes, motifs and tones of choice become the starting direction for our art shows.
  • We respond with custom artistic performances, including behind-the-canvas vignettes.
  • You become the first-viewer of works of art designed specifically to impress your soul.
  • Should you connect deeply, each piece is offered at an exclusive first-show option price.

Take a leap with us into the future. Direct your one-of-a-kind show, every other month.

Please mention if you desire to give this Membership as a gift, we will be happy to provide accordingly.

All Members receive our fine art magazine ‘Luminary Arts’, where we present a broader vision and explore a deeper statement of our expanding company of Artists and their journeys. Together, we serve a brighter world.

Annual Memberships paid up-front provide a serious commitment to the arts, and will receive a complementary month of service, as well as honorable mention in Luminary ArtsĀ magazine.

We are here to express your vision of life.

  1. When you join, our service begins. We will set our consultation at your earliest convenience.
  2. We will set a vision together, for a portfolio of shows that take you on a creative inner journey.
  3. We are an insured art-as-a-service business, and will send you our Member Care Agreement.
  4. We will design, perform and deliver your first one-of-a-kind showpiece as soon as possible.
  5. Our performance includes an exclusive studio vignette, of the process behind each artwork.
  6. We are a full-service company of arts, available for any of your professional and artistic inquiries.
  7. At the option of our Members, we have access to a portfolio of additional highly collectible works.